So, I’m a guitar hero. A proper one, not some two-bit button pusher ;).

For such a long and distinguished musical career my output is horrendously low – but it’s all good quality stuff! To date I’ve contributed to two studio recordings. The first band, formed in my final year at Swansea University, was Little Willy and the Fat Cats. We had them low-down dirty blues but we had some success over a couple of years on the scene in Abertawe. In February 1997 we recorded a six track EP, five of which are available below. The second band, FTGaana, was a slow-burner which began while living in Watford around 1999. The music was, let’s face it, AOR, but it was and still is my first time with a group of people writing original music. I say slow-burner because we didn’t hit the studio until 2006, some seven years later. The EP appears below.

Little Willy and the Fat Cats

Little Willy and the Fat Cats EP Cover
Recorded February 1997
Vocals: Will Noble
Guitar: Nick Dorey
Guitar: Stuart Jones
Keys: Steve the Keys
Bass: Chris Brown
Stix: Chris the Stix


FTGaana EP cover
Recorded August 2006
Vocals: Carly Collins-Adams
Guitar: Stuart Jones
Bass: Al Ritchie
Drums: Nathan Catchpole

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  1. Stuart it’s Will – had a random search on the internet and I was delighted to see that you are keeping the mighty Fat Cats alive – sadly my harps are gathering dust but good to see that you are still playing and doing well!

  2. Great to hear from you Will. Would like to catch up. If you read this please drop me a line at stu at gingerbbm dot com 🙂

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