Open a Spotify URI with AppleScript

Picture the scene: you receive a Spotify URI from a friend. It looks something like spotify:track:69GFzoDcAFrW6CD5tBEMTK and your computer doesn’t linkify it. So to discover the music, you’ve got to select all, copy to clipboard, switch to the Spotify app, focus the search box, paste and hit ENTER. Well not any more you don’t. More

A Table of Contents for Keynote

Note: This article applies to Keynote ’08 (version 4.x)

Sometimes in life you have to use the wrong tool to get the job done. Recently I had to use Apple’s Keynote to make documents containing a lot of graphic artefacts. Being a presentation tool, Keynote has no concept of generating an index of its contents, but from a user’s perspective a table of contents (TOC) is pretty much essential. Here’s a hack, using AppleScript, to make one. More

Add items to a Word document using C#

I thought I had found the promised land. Then I tried adding more than one item to a blank Word document using C# and I realised it had been a mirage all along. I simply wanted to create a blank document, add a line of text, followed by another, followed by my table. I was flummoxed by the Word.Range object – and I’ll go into detail in a bit – but here’s the solution: More

HTML images using long GET strings

The Problem

You’ve got a piece of code that creates an image in your web page by passing a bunch of parameters in a GET string to some server-side process:

$('tile').src = '';

But what do you do when the URL goes beyond the limit? Practically, for cross-browser solutions, the limit is around 2000 characters (thanks to IE), and I recently had to find a workaround when generating images via a WMS. More