A Table of Contents for Keynote

Note: This article applies to Keynote ’08 (version 4.x)

Sometimes in life you have to use the wrong tool to get the job done. Recently I had to use Apple’s Keynote to make documents containing a lot of graphic artefacts. Being a presentation tool, Keynote has no concept of generating an index of its contents, but from a user’s perspective a table of contents (TOC) is pretty much essential. Here’s a hack, using AppleScript, to make one. More

Add items to a Word document using C#

I thought I had found the promised land. Then I tried adding more than one item to a blank Word document using C# and I realised it had been a mirage all along. I simply wanted to create a blank document, add a line of text, followed by another, followed by my table. I was flummoxed by the Word.Range object – and I’ll go into detail in a bit – but here’s the solution: More

HTML images using long GET strings

The Problem

You’ve got a piece of code that creates an image in your web page by passing a bunch of parameters in a GET string to some server-side process:

$('tile').src = 'http://img.com/generate.php?a=1&b=2&c=3';

But what do you do when the URL goes beyond the limit? Practically, for cross-browser solutions, the limit is around 2000 characters (thanks to IE), and I recently had to find a workaround when generating images via a WMS. More