RocketMail settings on Android

Many moons ago in 1997 I signed up for my first web-based email account with RocketMail. No-one bats an eyelid about web acquisitions for market share these days, but I was pretty taken aback when Yahoo! took over in October of that year. Fast-forward to mid-2011 and this account is still serving me well, but to avoid the sub-standard Yahoo! Mail app on my Android phone I wanted to configure the native mail app. Here’s how. More

Design Practice

The Design Practice module in the MSc in HCI-E at UCL involved a group project to put established user-centred design methods into practice. Hence its name. The goal for each group was the same: design an interactive device to encourage healthy behaviours. This post describes the process I undertook as part of a team of seven students over nine weeks in 2010. More

Add items to a Word document using C#

I thought I had found the promised land. Then I tried adding more than one item to a blank Word document using C# and I realised it had been a mirage all along. I simply wanted to create a blank document, add a line of text, followed by another, followed by my table. I was flummoxed by the Word.Range object – and I’ll go into detail in a bit – but here’s the solution: More