London Marathon 2012

I’ve signed up to run the London marathon in 2012 for the charity Scope. I’ve been running more and more over the last couple of years and with the 10th anniversary of my first attempt approaching, it seemed like a good challenge to focus on. I’ll be updating my progress on a dedicated Facebook page and I’m flagging it up here to maximise exposure—I need as much sponsorship as possible! To that end I made a video all about it. Please watch, then donate at Thanks for listening!

No ticks for HSBC

With the recent introduction of their muchmaligned two-factor authentication system, HSBC overhauled their internet banking interface. The Secure Key system prompts users to enter a memorable answer followed by a code generated dynamically from a separate hardware device (the “secure key”). Consistent with guidelines on the importance of providing timely and useful feedback (e.g. Nielsen; ISO 9241-17), entering one’s details triggers a visual indicator whose meaning is apparently obvious but which actually differs to one’s expectations and is therefore ultimately misleading. More