RocketMail settings on Android

Many moons ago in 1997 I signed up for my first web-based email account with RocketMail. No-one bats an eyelid about web acquisitions for market share these days, but I was pretty taken aback when Yahoo! took over in October of that year. Fast-forward to mid-2011 and this account is still serving me well, but to avoid the sub-standard Yahoo! Mail app on my Android phone I wanted to configure the native mail app. Here’s how.

I actually tried a trebillion different settings before I found this post which describes it all perfectly – so yes, I’m simply reiterating it. But I’m doing it in text so that it’s indexable.

Email address:
Password:       ***
IMAP server:
Security type:  SSL
Server port:    993
SMTP server:
Security type:  SSL
Server port:    465

For the record this is working on an HTC Wildfire running Android 2.2.

8 thoughts on “RocketMail settings on Android

  1. THANK YOU!!! 8-D This works & I am so happy I can finally access my email account. You’re awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  2. didn’t work for me on the outgoing part. Says “cannot safely connect to server”. any other ideas? i have an LG using Android 2.2.1.

  3. The only idea I have is to try it with a 3G connection rather than wi-fi. This may sound peculiar, but I sometimes had problems sending mail when connected to wi-fi, but never with a 3G connection.

  4. Brilliant !
    Virgin Mobile took two hours – and still failed !

  5. What took two hours? Virgin supply my wi-fi and I can’t send email from the phone when connected to it.

  6. Finally worked out why email wasn’t sending – had the wrong SMTP server address! Have updated the post; should work now 🙂

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