Spring Clean

For a long time (since before spring, as it happens) I’ve been meaning to carve out a few hours for website maintenance. At the very least I wanted a new, simpler theme which was easier to read and had less clutter.

There are a trebillion WordPress themes out there; eventually ended up with Duster. Made a few tweaks. Borrowed the background from 320 and up which I’d happened upon because of my interest in – and the importance of – responsible responsive web design. Although it has room for improvement, this new theme is responsive and fares OK on my phone.

Ideally I’d like to hand-code a theme now that I’ve discovered this handy infographic but that’ll have to wait now that I’ve found something good. Fare ye well, Statement!

To do:

  • add “tweet this” capabilities
  • upload CV
  • increase the responsiveness!

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