A Great Business Card [User] Experience

I’ve never bought business cards before. I spent some time dabbling with various companies’ websites that left me feeling uncomfortable, not really sure what I’d end up with or how far my money would go – and I certainly was not convinced by their stock designs. Then I came across MOO.

It wasn’t that they offered me more or different options in comparison to the other sites (at least, not from my perspective as someone who wanted a relatively swift transaction). They won my business because their app looked good, worked well, was easy to navigate, “spoke” to me on my level, didn’t bullshit, offered a green option, and had a stock selection from trusted people such as COLOURlovers.

I’m currently reading Emotional Design by Don Norman who explains that the success of a product is partly determined by how it looks and how it makes the user feel – it’s not simply down to usability – and my experience with MOO is a perfect example.

One thought on “A Great Business Card [User] Experience

  1. Stuart, I love moo cards and the feel of it. Their success is entirely build on appeal of their online site and app. It’s a classy execution.

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