IE6 Compatibility VPC IETest Password Is P2ssw0rd

I just downloaded and installed the very useful IE6 Compatibility Virtual PC [IE6-on-XP-SP3.exe] from Microsoft. Within minutes of starting the machine and getting distracted, the screensaver kicked in, locking the machine until I entered the relevant password for the IETest user. The password is P2ssw0rd.

This information wasn’t immediately obvious via Google so I thought I’d post it up in an attempt to make it more findable by other folks. I actually got the information from Eric True. Thanks Eric!

9 thoughts on “IE6 Compatibility VPC IETest Password Is P2ssw0rd

  1. Turns out that the password is actually in the accompanying ReadMe.txt…

  2. Thanks for this blog post.. its an absolute joke that a password even exists let alone them seemingly not putting it on the web anywhere.

    Yes its in the readme.txt, but people don’t always have access to that or have it stored still.

  3. A password helps prevent worms from autocrawling the network and exploiting unpassworded machines.

  4. user: ie user
    password: password1
    image: VPC Windows_XP_IE6.exe

    good luck^^

  5. I’ve just installed and run the IE6 testing image from Microsoft for the first time, from this address:

    The username/password which worked for me was as follows (CASE SENSITIVE):

    User: ie user
    Password: Password1

    Notice the space in “ie user” and the uppercase “P” in “Password1”.

    Microsoft says that the user name will be automatically entered into the user field when you start the virtual machine, but it wasn’t for me.

  6. Thanks for posting this. It’s the 1st pagehit when I searched “ietest password” 😀

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