Hotel Room Message Retrieval Fail

We’re all familiar with software applications and web sites that require us to enter a password: type in an obscure string of masked characters to proceed to the promised land.

So I was amused by the TV-based hotel room message system I recently encountered:

Unsecure security screen

It reads: “To check your messages, please enter your room number (419)”. And it’s followed by our well-known password entry box – with the characters masked.

I was staying in Room 419.

Unsecure secure screen - Detail #001

Unsecure secure screen - Detail #002

Whether or not the room number should be masked is beside the point, although there has been some debate recently about the usefulness of masking, but it’s clearly ridiculous to show the room number when the entry box hides it.

3 thoughts on “Hotel Room Message Retrieval Fail

  1. More to the point: Why are they asking for your room number when they clearly know what it is?!

    (I also remember thinking their system was v. poor.)

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