For Sale: Kawasaki ZX-9R Ninja

Alas, the Ninja has to go. I’m asking for £1100 but I’m open to offers.

UPDATE: The bike has been sold! Hooray! Thanks – and safe riding – to Chris.

Details as follows; click the images to see bigger versions…

  • 1999 “T” ZX-9R C1
  • 44,000 km (or 27,000 miles)
  • MOT expires June 2010
  • Tax expires March 2010
  • Datatag & Immobiliser
  • Full service history
  • One previous owner
  • “KAW” registration
  • New battery
  • Parallel import

Since it was last serviced in July 2005 it’s travelled less than 4000 miles. I’m pretty ashamed I’ve ridden it so little, but at least it’s been kept in a secure, dry garage in the meantime.


The bike is 10 years old, so it’s not in perfect condition. I’d describe it as “good”. 😉
Somewhat predictably it has slightly chipped forks and a cracked mudguard:


The front of the mudguard has been repaired:


There’s some scuffing on the lower fairing:


And also the engine cover:


The front of the left mirror is also scratched:


But I have a range of replacements that I’ve not got around to fitting, such as a new mirror:


And engine cover:


There’s also a replacement front fairing:


I also have the original screen (the one currently on the bike is all black):


And there’s an after-market can which I took off to get the bike through the MOT and never put back on:


So I’m asking for £1100 or near offer, which is a good deal according to Parker’s.

I’m based in Surbiton. If you’re interested, let me know by leaving a comment below and I’ll be in touch. The ability to out-accelerate every car on the road doesn’t get much cheaper than this!


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