Nokia N73 User Interface fail

So I need to send an SMS to a friend who has more than one number listed under his name in my phonebook. I elect to create a new message, select my friend’s name, and then this happens:


I’m being prompted to make a choice between two numbers. How do I choose? I can’t. The only way of discerning the correct one is by recognising the number by its digits.

So, I have to cancel out, and go and looking in the phonebook, where the difference between the two numbers is evident:


The main point of a phonebook is to prevent me having to remember long numbers. In this case, the Nokia N73 phonebook fails in its principle function.

Screenshots made possible by Screenshot for Symbian OS.

One thought on “Nokia N73 User Interface fail

  1. Good point. I had a really old Nokia and the UI was a triumph (not to mention the battery life). They have totally lost their way. Sending an SMS on my 6500 Slide is disastrously clunky.

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